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Welcome to the AAW Group

Creating Social Change for Good

Formed in 2016, the AAW Group is a full-service global strategy, fundraising and executive search consultancy, working with not for profits in the UK and around the world.

01 Strategy

Strategic Consulting: working across all elements of organisational strategy and developing change programmes including market and sector insight.

02 Search

Recruitment: Executive search, interim and permanent service for all roles up to director level.

03 Digital

Digital Consulting: a full range of digital support from audits and strategy to hands-on implementation.

04 Fundraising

Creative: focused on insight and understanding your audience, to provide effective and inspirational creative and campaigns.

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When I joined the RSPCA back in 2018, AAW were on hand to offer strategic support both in terms of helping us shape our Income Generation operations and appoint and develop our Executive Team. AAW are not just a ‘strategy consultancy’ and they are not just a ‘recruitment company’ – they are a magic and unique combination of both, providing a service that not only transforms strategic thinking but also gives us the best possible leaders to implement and drive impact to help us protect animals.

Chris Sherwood, CEO | RSPCA

New blog from Tobin Aldrich

Where will we find our new donors?

In a blog from Tobin Aldrich, we review the increased focus since the pandemic from many charities on developing their individual giving programmes with increased interest and investment in this area. Key to the success of any of these programmes is a proper understanding of the audiences being reached, who they are, what they are interested in and how best to engage them. It’s long been a frustration of Tobin that the tools we have available to us as fundraisers to find the right audiences for our causes are well, really not very good and there has always been a disconnect between the information we have about audiences and the channels available to reach them.

Tobin explores a new approach to finding audiences using social media data and working with the creators, ‘big data’ agency Starcount to apply it to the charity sector.

The approach uses real-time data of what people actually do on social media, who they follow, how they interact with them and demographic and economic information to create a targeting model that is based on what people are actually interested in and care about. The key point is that this approach can be directly applied into marketing channels to reach and engage new potential supporters.

International Consulting

Global non-profit solutions

In addition to the above four main units of the AAW Group, we also offer a Global Consulting arm providing strategic support to international NGOs and non-profits. AAW Global develops solutions for global clients in need of sustainable funding, leadership, change management expertise and crisis management planning, as well as offering a useful resource for UK-based clients who are looking to gain some sector analysis across an international field. See our Global page for more details. 

Imogen, Mark & Tobin are three of the UK's top fundraisers. They are the go to experts for anyone wanting top quality advice on any aspect of current & future fundraising practice.

Sir Nicholas Young, former CEO British Red Cross and former CEO of Macmillan Cancer Support