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Driving digital transformation through digital audits, strategies, campaigns and hands-on implementation.

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Digital consulting

How Can You Turn Tomorrow Into Today?

We all talk a lot about ‘The Future’ when it comes to digital – this golden place where everyone works together collaboratively, and all of our supporters and stakeholders have a seamless engagement experience with our work and impact.

For many organisations ‘The Future’ feels like really hard work. So how can we make this vision real? We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a track record in making good change happen and working with organisations at all levels to ensure that results are meaningful and sustainable.

And for us Digital can’t just be seen as a single plan or a tucked away team. Strategically, it needs to be your everything.

At AAW we tailor our services to your needs but your journey with us will generally start with a digital audit. From this, we can move to strategy development and hands-on digital implementation support. Whilst we have worked with some of the biggest names in the sector but we are also very comfortable working with small organisations and complete start-ups. And we can adapt our services to meet your budget.

Our goal is to use our deep expertise and knowledge of both fundraising and the marketing of brands and products online, to drive digital transformation, to effectively integrate digital into fundraising campaigns and to use it as a tool to maximise giving, reach new audiences and unlock your charity’s potential in the long-term.

Outside of the technical bit we also understand leadership. We know how organisations work and how culture and buy in is at the core of success.

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Benchmarking and Auditing

Where are you now?

Key to any digital transformation is benchmarking and auditing where you are now.

AAW Digital can work with you to catalogue and assess any digital initiatives you already have in place, as well as assessing where you stand against your peers in the third sector.

This is critical to establishing any new digital strategy and for setting realistic goals, and to maximise existing assets and progress. It can also help to identify any key gaps which need filling, to enable you to be where you want to be tomorrow.

This offer underpins all of AAW’s Digital services.

Deniz Hassan

Our Digital Expert

Who You will Work With

The AAW Group’s Director of Digital, Deniz Hassan, is one of the sector’s leading digital practitioners and a regular speaker on digital fundraising at conferences. Most recently he was the digital lead behind the UN World Food Programme's recent astronomic global digital growth – taking the charity’s digital programme from a standing start to a multi-million pound individual giving programmes in the world, driving income in more than 100 countries and five languages. 

Deniz has worked with a wide range of charities, big and small, national and international, and has an unparalleled record across both strategic and operational digital planning, technical infrastructures, media buying and analysis. You can read more about Deniz in our interview here.


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