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AAW Search

Applying for roles with AAW People

AAW Search works with a wide range of charities and socially concerned businesses to help them find talented people for senior leadership roles.

Our founders’ years of working in leadership roles in fundraising and marketing in the non-profit sector give us a true understanding of both our clients’ and our candidates’ needs.

Our extensive network of contacts and our reputation within the sector makes AAW Search the first choice for many leading charities and non-profits, and we have recruited for some of the best and most exciting jobs in the field. Not all our clients advertise publicly the roles they have available.

AAW Search supports our Executive Search campaign candidates by offering a full interview coaching service. This includes a face to face/webcam/phone (whichever is most convenient) mock interview. In our coaching sessions we develop a strategy that is specifically tailored to the candidate, their unique needs and to the post being applied for.

Candidates are allocated their own, personal coach Anton Packheiser – to discuss real interview questions, how to avoid clichés and to really make the desired impact when handling both standard and more intricate questions.

This is available to Executive Search candidates at both first and second interview stage. Feedback from candidates who have used this service has been exceptionally positive. 

AAW Search also supports the #NonGraduatesWelcome campaign. This aims to require charities to be clear about the skills, abilities, knowledge and experience required to be successful in a role, looking beyond formal qualifications, to help jobs within the charity sector become more accessible and inclusive. 

You can read our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity statement here.

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“A one to one coaching session with Anton was just what I needed to hone my interview technique. He prepared me for a range of potential interview questions and helped me identify the key points from my career history to focus on. After an hour of rigorous interview practice I felt prepared and confident, the real interviews were a breeze in comparison! It was well worth it, I would highly recommend it to anyone embarking on a senior level job search”.

Joe Hillier, CEO | Citizens Advice Hampshire
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Support for non AAW candidates

Executive Coaching Programme for non-AAW People candidates

Our Executive Coaching Programme offers support to leaders who are either looking to develop their career within the Third Sector or considering entering the sector for the first time, following a successful career in commerce, business or the public sector.

The programme is focused those who have held senior positions within an organisation, either at C-Suite level, ‘Head of’ level or equivalent, who are looking for support with CV assessment, interview techniques, guidance on their career or advice for a specific role.

We’ll help you find your next move, refine your leadership narrative and tighten up your own personal storytelling. If you are an executive looking to enter the non-profit world for the first time, the programme will give you practical advice on navigating your journey in the sector and avoiding the occasional pitfall.

Sessions are led by executive coach, Anton Packheiser, who has an impressive track record in helping candidates find their perfect role.

Anton offers coaching for many C-Suite roles, including CEO and CFO, and a range of other senior communications, finance and HR posts. Feedback from candidates who have used our coaching service in the past has been exceptionally positive.

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Insight, Inspire, Ignite and Implement

How the programme works

The Executive Coaching Programme consists of four key sessions, held remotely, which draw inspiration from the AAW Group’s unique and highly successful consultancy model of Insight, Inspire, Ignite & Implement:

  1. Insight:  One-hour session about your career, ambitions, and any recent interviews, as well as identifying particular strengths to promote or weaknesses to address. 
  2. Inspire & Ignite a:  One-hour session with Anton looking at your CV with additional advice on professional formatting from AAW’s design team.
  3. Inspire & Ignite b: One-hour interview coaching session offering webcam or telephone (whichever is more convenient) mock interview and coaching session to develop a strategy specifically tailored to you and your unique needs. Anton can discuss real interview questions and how to make the desired impact when handling standard and intricate questions.  
  4. Implement:  One-hour session, helping with applying and interviewing for a specific role (up to three months after the above sessions).

When we have asked for feedback from our charity clients on candidates who have received this service, they have all mentioned being impressed by candidates who were so well-briefed and well-prepared, making them more likely to secure the job. 

I worked with AAW Executive Coach Anton over a period of almost nine months. He provided a constant supply of advice, feedback and encouragement. I particularly appreciated his ability to challenge me in a supportive way, finding relatively small points of improvement while also reinforcing the things I was getting right. As a result, we developed a strong relationship, and I trusted his advice immensely. I am certain I wouldn’t have secured the fantastic role I now have without his help.

Richard Bowyer, CEO | Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity


The cost of this package is a special rate of £400 + VAT for the remainder of 2022, reflecting our commitment to adding value to the sector and helping people through the impact of Covid-19.

If you would like book in for our programme or would like to find out more, please contact Anton Packheiser at

I truly feel that taking up interview coaching with Anton was one of the best decision that I had made for my career. Working with Anton I realised how I had been approaching the interviews all wrong. Anton helped me think and remind myself about my successes. My confidence began to grow with each meeting. The package offered is for 4 sessions but after my 3rd session I was already transformed. We saved the last one to do a mock interview when needed. What I appreciated most about Anton’s approach is that I did all the reflecting, Anton merely helped me use the right language and framework to talk about what I had achieved. It made me really feel like I owned what I talked about.

Carla Jauregui | Consultant at WHO

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