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Who We Are

Headed up by Tobin Aldrich, we are a multi-disciplinary team forming the global consulting arm of AAW, dedicated to leading and inspiring sustainable and meaningful impact in our fast paced and ever-changing society for good across borders. We seek to connect the traditional private sector, government, non-profits, and social enterprises for breakthrough solutions to protracted challenges.

Our international unit offers strong complementary skillsets in diverse fields from finance, healthcare, technology, operations, start-up, and social impact that suit a range of social sector needs. We combine our core strengths to effectively problem-solve and deliver on projects for major non-profit clients globally, bringing together executive level experience across sectors.

What We Do

We develop solutions for global clients in need of sustainable funding, leadership, change management expertise and crisis management planning. Clients include, but are not limited to, large national and multinational organizations. We provide insightful, tailor-made counsel based on decades of experience in strategic and organisational development, fundraising, innovation, and startups.

Our offering includes international research and advisory for top-tier nonprofit and public sector clients in global strategy, operating models, financing models, investment projections, fundraising and resource mobilization, organizational design, change management, market entry, and capacity building, particularly across emerging countries.

We are also a great resource for UK/national based clients who are looking to gain some sector insight across an international field, helping them learn and be inspired by comparators in other countries and also enabling a full and rigorous benchmarking process.

Core Capabilities

We cover more than 10 languages and possess technical expertise (coding & analysis, modeling, research, software, platforms, presentations), international exposure (6 continents), networks (corporate, investor, policymaker, academic, media), entrepreneurship (each having co-founded one or more venture), and systems change and social impact mindsets.

What Motivates Our Work

We believe in the convening power of entrepreneurship, investments, human talent and technical expertise connected with practical implementation to drive transformational, enhanced impact for global development and humanitarian causes. Above all, we are output-oriented, low ego, and high ambition, as shown in our track records, who love to problem-solve, empower individuals, and add value pragmatically to make a difference globally.

Meet our Team

Matthew Morgan

French-American, Oxford MBA Scholar, 9 yrs. Expertise in business strategy, finance, technology & impact.

Sergio Navarro

Mexican American, Oxford MBA Trinity Scholar, 10 yrs. Expertise in finance, investing, health tech innovation

Celina Chan

Hong Kong, Oxford MBA Saïd Scholar, 10 years. Expertise in sustainable finance, global strategy & business leadership.

Max Martinez

Spanish-Uruguayan, Oxford MBA Alum, 6 years. Background in Agribusiness, e-Commerce & Customer Experience. 

Khanya Okumu CA(Sa)

South African, Oxford MBA Chevening Scholar, 8 yrs. Expertise in investment analysis, fund management, and business strategy.

If you would like to discuss how AAW Global can help you, please contact Tobin Aldrich, who leads the Global Team.

Our Clients

Together, we have worked with international humanitarian relief and development organisations to create market entry, investment cases, capability building, and fundraising strategies in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Select client engagements include:

  • Board of directors US$ 50-100mn+ investment case and cross-border multi-year individual donor sustainer strategy (8 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia) for humanitarian refugee non-governmental organization
  • Market landscape research toolkits, emergency fundraising guidance, and organizational readiness assessments & operationalization plans in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and South America (6 countries) for one of the world's largest disaster relief organizations present in 190+ countries, sponsored at international headquarter / federation level
  • Global fundraising television show feasibility analysis in 11 nations to provide breakthrough commercial entertainment options for a development aid agency
  • Emergency unrestricted funding benchmarking for leading children protection charity; virtual e-sports/gaming fundraiser; development of financing strategy for tier-1 air ambulance service; go-to-market expansion of 7 countries across Asia, Middle East, North America, and Oceania for major disability rights not-for-profit; individual donor giving scan of international environmental peers for a governmental forestry commission

Our International Reach

When the RCRC movement decided to create a global virtual fundraising hub we could think of a no better choice than AAW to lead and develop the project. Their strategic vision has been key in getting this ambitious project off the ground and thanks to their knowledge of international networks and federations, we have been able to prioritize and deliver on services that are of great benefit to Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world


AAW helped WWF Caucasus understand our opportunities for developing our fundraising and communications, provided a clear direction and supported us to recruit and develop our team. They were great partners to work with.

Giorgi Sanadiradz, Executive Director | WWF CAUCASUS